Hey Redding, CA and ASCCA! Thanks for coming to GDI, Hope you enjoyed it!!

I would like to thank Dave Schedin of The Computrek Group (A great consultant, BTW…) and the California ASCCA Chapter 99 for hosting the Gasoline Direct Injection class in Redding on the 23rd! I also wanted to thank each of the 24 shop owners and techs who attended, you show commitment to learning and getting better at fixing cars, and I thank you guys for following our training, it is great to work with you all, and we’ll see you in June!

Thank You for a Great ATE Expo March 2016!

I just wanted to take a moment and thank my dedicated Northwest customers in CA, OR. and Washington State for taking the time to sit in our classes at ATE, and for spending time with us in our trade show booth this year.

It was fantastic to see ATE sell out for the second year in a row, I’m so proud of the ASA NW organization for putting this great learning and networking event together out there. Jeff, Brenda and the whole crew make the ATE event one of the nation’s premiere training events, I encourage all of our Automaster customers from the East Coast and elsewhere to get to ATE in 2017!

I am humbled that our classes on GDI and CAN Bus filled up this year to standing room only, what an honor, thanks for being with us, it is great to study together and get better at fixing cars!

See you next year!

Gary Smith

Maryland Lab Scope Class a Success!

I wanted to thank Dave Taggart, of Superior Auto in Frederick MD for being an awesome host for our Saturday lab scope training event (On his birthday, even. That’s dedication!). We’ve got a great group of guys studying advanced diagnostics together in Maryland, and I am looking forward to our next class there.

Busy January and February!

We just wanted to reach out and say thanks to our Upstate NY Training Club, a great crew of dedicated techs and shop, and thanks to Pat at VI Enterprises for hosting with such a good meal, as usual! We had great turnout at the classes held w/o February 3rd and 4th in Queensbury.

We had a great session on Diagnostic Strategies 1&2, and I appreciate you all coming. I am Looking forward to seeing you all at the 2-night Lab Scope Training Event on the week of April 4th, with 2 separate 2-night sessions, April 4th, 5th in Queensbury, April 6th, 7th at Gil’s Garage in Burnt Hills NY. Hands On Event GUYS, Bring Your Scopes to the Class!

Contact Pat at VI Enterprises or Gary Smith for more information!

Also, we wanted to thank Taylor and Ryan from Hoffman Auto for coming all the way to Queensbury to meet us. We look forward to starting a group with you guys up there in Lake Placid in April, and will see you at the Lab Scope class!


iEA – Valve Timing Issues? Check Out The Intelligent Engine Analyzer

If you are seeing as many valve timing and timing chain issues as we have, we invite you to look at the iEA – Intelligent Engine Analyzer here at www.automastertraining.com.

This revolutionary software and lab scope combination allows us to see mechanical problems instantly, while the engine is running!

Using a transducer in the spark plug hole, we can see the compression and de-compression of gasses in the cylinder, including the ability to view and analyze the entire gas exchange process, meaning we can see not only if the valve opened and closed, but we can confirm that it does so properly, or not.

The iEA software and patented exhaust Venturi helps techs identify common misfires and the causes of the misfires very quickly and effectively, helping flat rate times, accuracy and reducing diagnostic comebacks.

Considering the amount of deposit related lean conditions, misfires and fuel trim issues, the ability to clearly see and diagnose these issues with the engine running is awesome.

Find valve timing and timing chain issues quickly and accurately without disassembling the front or rear of the engine to “verify timing marks”, we can do this electronically in minutes!

Analyze compression, valve timing, confirm VVT operation, view valves opening and closing, confirm vacuum AND exhaust back pressure instantly and more…

See valves sticking because of carbon deposits, confirm crank/cam sensor rationality, time ignition, injectors and other engine related signals on top of mechanical waveform for VERY QUICK AND ACCURATE diagnosis.

Contact us today at 305-903-9616 to learn about our hands-on training and our exclusive screen-connect technician support, on-car, remote at your location.

Never worry about training or on-car technical support help again!

Happy New Year to Our Fellow Shops and Techs, and THANK YOU!

2015 was an awesome year for us at Automaster Training, thanks to you all. We wanted to take a minute during this busy season to say Merry Christmas and wish a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to all of our friends, clients and customers everywhere!

We would also like to acknowledge our training/study groups around the country. Thank you for your attendance and participation in the basic and advanced diagnostic technician training classes, as well as for your business and friendships.

Specifically, a big thanks to Ken Quasney, Billy Hillmuth, Marta Gates and the WMDA ECAT Training Group participating shops in the Washington DC Metro, you guys are a dedicated group of techs and shops studying together, and I look forward to our classes in 2016! Ken, Billy and Marta, thank you very much for your hard work in organizing and hosting these classes.

Also a BIG thanks to Dave and Greg Huntley and Mike Milsap at Greg’s Japanese Auto in the Seattle Metro, you guys are awesome, a great group and a pleasure to work with and support.

Big thanks to Mark Simons at Rolf’s Imports in Tacoma, WA, Mark has been instrumental in helping the Seattle classes and study group get off the ground, thank you, Mark. It is great working with you, and all of our member shops in the beautiful Northwest!

We would also like to personally acknowledge our newest diagnostic customers and our existing shops setting up – or upgrading to the best in diagnostic equipment and tech support in 2015.

We value you as clients, we thank you for your business and look forward to training and supporting you and your techs in the coming year:

Leon Martin, Auto Tech Services, Inc. Rochester WA

Mark Simons, Rolf’s Import Auto (All Locations)

Greg’s Japanese Auto, Seattle – 8 Locations

Tom VanTassell, Auto Tech, Roseburg, OR

Jeremy Perry, Perry’s Auto. Redding, CA

Rob Pitari, All Wheel Alignment and Auto Repair, Redding, CA

Jon Moser, Far East Motors, Silver Spring, MD

Steve Connolly, Environmental Auto, Millersville, MD

Ken Quasney, Auto Sense, Millersville, MD

Dave Taggart, Superior Auto, Frederick, MD

Butch and Jeff at B&B Auto, Aberdeen Washington

Tom Myers, Deposit Control Systems, Cohoes, NY

Bryan Kelly, Valley Auto-Electric, Maple Valley, WA.

Trevor King, M&R Car Care, Miami FL

Robert Greene, KAM Auto, Dallas, TX


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We would love to hear from those of you that regularly attend our training, or have just come to your first AutoMaster class…

Also, If you have had a chance to experience our awesome technician support, please review your training and equipment support experiences on THIS website… We’d appreciate the feedback from you and your technicians!

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Basic Lab Scope Classes in Seattle and Washington DC Metro!

We wanted to thank the many attendees of the Automaster Basic Lab Scope Classes held in the Seattle Area and with the WMDA/C.A.R. Group in Washington DC/Baltimore. We conducted six sessions, back to back over two weeks. It was awesome to have the signal generator and classroom wired up so that all of the students could hook up their scopes right in the classroom, and we got really good reviews from technicians of all levels on the class. We are looking forward to seeing all of you again for the Advanced Lab Scoping Techniques Class in October!


Lookout, Upstate New York and Massachusetts… Here We Come!

Automaster Training is happy to be returning to our roots in the Northeast to provide 2 of our most popular and hands-on relevant advanced technical classes early this summer:

Queensbury NY: Gasoline Direct Injection, Theory, Diagnostics and Field Issues: Thursday, July 9th 2015. Dinner at 6:00, class starts at 6:30-9:15 PM. Call Gary at 305-903-9616 for info.

Sandwich, MA: CAN Bus Communication, Fundamentals and Diagnosis: Wednesday, July 1st, 2015. Dinner at 6:00, class starts at 6:30-9:15 PM. Call Gary at 305-903-9616 for info.

We are psyched to be returning to our home market to help good people fix complex cars, see you in a few weeks!



Automotive Test Solutions Booth at AAPEX Show a HIT!

I just wanted to take a minute to thank those of you who stopped in at the ATS booth at AAPEX, it was great to spend time with you all showing you the Flat Rate Friendly ATS diagnostic line. The Bullseye Leak Detector and the Borescope were big hits, as was the EMissFire and pressure transducers. (Click on Products Tab for more info)

The entire ATS team is dedicated to building flat-rate friendly equipment and software for technicians, in my opinion, there couldn’t be a better and more impressive technical team to help your shop with diagnostics!

I would also like to thank Bernie, Lynnie, Neal and Kristin for having me in the booth this year, what a great group of people! It was great working with you at AAPEX!