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Deposits in Diagnostics
Module 1 Deposits in Diagnostics
A THEORY-BASED course covering fuel and oil deposit formation, prevention, diagnosis and baseline diagnostic theory. This is an eye-opener for ANY diagnostic technician! Based on the popular fuel and drivability class, that Gary Smith taught across the country with BG Distributors and Launch. This short course (1.5 hours) really hits its home with drivability CAUSES. Comes with a downloadable PDF workbook.
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Diesel Engine Systems. Start to Finish.
Module 1 Diesel Engine Systems. Start to Finish.
A THEORY BASED course (2 Parts, 1.5 hours each) with a major focus on fuel control and exhaust aftertreatment systems. This course will increase the participant’s knowledge on how common rail high pressure diesels fuel the engine and will discuss the diagnostic issues related to DPF and aftertreatment fouling. There are 2 choices for REGEN issues: 1) prevent with maintenance, or 2) fix it after-the-fact. This course will help technicians to understand the critical balance between the scan tool’s data READINGS AND why THOSE READINGS GOT THERE. This will help techs to solve even the most vexing REGEN issues. Comes with a downloadable workbook. (Please watch the schedule, we run this course monthly, usually on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, back-to-back; it is great for fleets and diesel techs seeing REGEN issues.)
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No-Start Diagnostics. A COMPLETE Approach.
Module 1 No-Start Diagnostics. A COMPLETE Approach.
Diagnose even the most complicated no-start conditions in any old or new high-tech vehicles in 30-60 minutes OR LESS (depending on hookup time)… Yes, this is realistic, and you will be AMAZED at how versatile and DEAD ACCURATE this method is, on every car, EVERY TIME. The best part? You will be able to depend on this diagnostic method with a MINIMUM of scan tool usage. Some great trainers already teach a lot on these separate techniques individually, but this course ties it all together on one screen, one strategy for every no-start condition we could dream of. This strategy takes away the lack-of-data problem we often see with scanner diagnostics. Based on Pressure Transducers and Signal Overlay. There are NO limitations here! This is a 2-part course, 3 hours LIVE, 1.5 hours per night, usually runs at consecutive evenings monthly. Consult the webinar schedule for dates (the current or next month). Comes with a downloadable PDF workbook and video copy of the webinar afterward for reference.
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GDI Technology, Drivability, Maintenance, Tendencies and Known Issues
Module 1 GDI Technology, Drivability, Maintenance, Tendencies and Known Issues
A THEORY-BASED course looking at the new GDI Technology. We cover: 1) the three basic kinds of GDI, their operation, 2) fuel controls, injectors and how they greatly differ from MPFI injectors, 3) drivability issues and tendencies. These cars and trucks are VERY drive-cycle dependent and will exhibit deposit-related drivability issues at VERY low mileages. Learn how to understand WHY the data responds as it does to these deposits. Great basic class for a good theoretical understanding of GDI. Comes with a downloadable PDF workbook. (1 evening, 2 hours, live with Q/A afterward.)
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Note: The No-Start Diagnostics webinar is the FIRST in a series of 5 specific monthly webinars geared toward diagnostic strategy. These are THEORY-BASED and work on all makes and models, regardless of year, mileage or complexity:
1) No-Start Diagnostic Strategy
2) Misfire Diagnostic Strategy
3) Intermittent Diagnostic Techniques
4) Transmission Diagnostics and Strategy
5) Lean Code and P0420 Catalyst Codes Diagnostic Strategy