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Automotive Training: Today, more frequent DTCs and intermittent diagnostic snafus are killing our productivity, squashing profits and this jeopardizes our reputation with customers. As OEM vehicle technologies advance in quantum leaps, these problems are on the increase. As such, shops often need quality automotive training to help deal with diagnostic issues or lab scope support when problematic vehicles plague your shop. provides shops and multi-location automotive repair groups with a unique diagnostic training, equipment support and technician support solution. We solve diagnostic equipment, shop capability and training issues. Don’t let technology advancements leave your shop in the diagnostic dust… Check out our equipment, automotive training, support memberships and articles – enjoy the information below.

Tech Support for Equipment AND Diagnostics

Tech Support for Equipment AND Diagnostics. We offer exceptional hands-on technical support for any web-enabled diagnostic platform. We provide tech support for diagnostics and programming via our on-car screen connect portal. This takes call-in diagnostic help to a whole new level. Total technical support. We provide unique, on-car help through our Tech Support (Sessions) page.

Automotive Training

Automotive Training. Theory-based training that actually teaches a hands-on strategy is rare today. Most vendor-provided seminars give us only what they want us to see. For accuracy and productivity in diagnosing today’s vehicles, theory-based training is the key. Our members can purchase training, track training progress, call for on-site training classes, test-on courses, get certificates–all online!

Diagnostic Equipment and J-2534 Devices

Diagnostic Equipment and Lab Scopes. Our customers love the benefits of web enabled lab scopes and diagnostic equipment. Our unique support allows the shop owner the ability to provide equipment training in-house and solve tough diagnostic problems live at their facility anytime, by appointment. Don’t let your diagnostic investments collect dust. Maximize your equipment purchase, train techs right at your shop!

J-2534 Programming

J-2534 Programming. Some OEMs report that up to 40% of drivability issues are currently solved with re-flashes (no parts replacement). Also, TSBs often indicate a re-flash only to correct common MIL codes and drivability complaints. We provide tools, resources, OEM info, and hands-on support needed to be successful at offering reprogramming functions.

We provide a no-pressure research, shopping, and support experience, but we are always willing to personally consult with you on your shop’s diagnostic needs, if you have any questions. Just reach us through the contact page, and we’ll personally get back to you ASAP.

Having good technical help and support for your team today is a must…
Get your shop using a lab scope now, or… you may be left in the diagnostic dust!

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