iEA – Valve Timing Issues? Check Out The Intelligent Engine Analyzer

If you are seeing as many valve timing and timing chain issues as we have, we invite you to look at the iEA – Intelligent Engine Analyzer here at

This revolutionary software and lab scope combination allows us to see mechanical problems instantly, while the engine is running!

Using a transducer in the spark plug hole, we can see the compression and de-compression of gasses in the cylinder, including the ability to view and analyze the entire gas exchange process, meaning we can see not only if the valve opened and closed, but we can confirm that it does so properly, or not.

The iEA software and patented exhaust Venturi helps techs identify common misfires and the causes of the misfires very quickly and effectively, helping flat rate times, accuracy and reducing diagnostic comebacks.

Considering the amount of deposit related lean conditions, misfires and fuel trim issues, the ability to clearly see and diagnose these issues with the engine running is awesome.

Find valve timing and timing chain issues quickly and accurately without disassembling the front or rear of the engine to “verify timing marks”, we can do this electronically in minutes!

Analyze compression, valve timing, confirm VVT operation, view valves opening and closing, confirm vacuum AND exhaust back pressure instantly and more…

See valves sticking because of carbon deposits, confirm crank/cam sensor rationality, time ignition, injectors and other engine related signals on top of mechanical waveform for VERY QUICK AND ACCURATE diagnosis.

Contact us today at 305-903-9616 to learn about our hands-on training and our exclusive screen-connect technician support, on-car, remote at your location.

Never worry about training or on-car technical support help again!

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